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Dark Blue Linen Curtains Rod Top, Hook Top, Back Tab Choice Width, Length & Lining

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  • Best Quality Pure Natural Linen @ Lowest Price.
  • Can be customized as per your requirement.
  • Can be machine washed at home.
  • Free Shipping Includes all Duties Taxes.
  • Delivered within 5 working days.
  • All options are for 1 Curtain (buy 2 for a pair)

Product Description:

Pure Linen: 100% Pure Natural Linen, this fabric is Best Quality 40 lee European Standard Linen, we are very sure you will not get this quality anywhere in the world.

Multi Top: These curtains have a unique top that can be hanged in 3 different styles, Rod Top, Hook Top, Back Tab.

Rod Pocket: These curtains have 4" pocket, So that it can be hanged directly & easily on any rod or pole.

Hook Top: These curtains have Hook Tape with 4 rows, so that you can adjust height, these can be hanged easily on any track or rod or pole.

Hidden Tab or Back Tab Top: These curtains have Tabs at the back, can be easily inserted on rod or pole.

1" side seams / folds, 4.5" fold at bottom.

Width & Length: Length can be customized according to your requirement, Please mention or message us your requirement as soon as you order.

  • We can make these in More Wider Longer as per your requirement contact us for a special quote.


No Lining: Curtains don’t have any backing sok it is semi sheer all light can pass through easily & shadows may be visible after dark but are not fully see through, life of these curtain is less as fabric may get damaged as it is directly exposed to sunlight other harsh weather condition.

100% Pure Cotton Lining: Pure Line backed with Pure Cotton Lining (100% Natural), this blocks up to 60% direct sunlight, protect fabric from sun damage, curtains look more luxurious & drape well, normally we use white color lining, but we can arrange more color on request.

Blackout Lining: This lining is fully stitched at the back, it give fully protection against direct sunlight it is 100% Sunblock,  This lining has a special coating, that is antifreeze, does not crack or flake, that will keep your room will be fully dark throughout the day, even if direct sun behind the curtains, these curtains act like insulation, so you can expect huge reduction in electric bills, as these cut effect of direct sunlight in summers blocks cold in winters, little expensive but worth the value, no fading of color or fabric damage is possible, curtain will look same as new even after many years.

Shipping & Returns:
All Expenses Paid Free Express Shipping. Price Includes All Custom Duties, Taxes, VAT GST Clearing Charges. Delivered with in 5 days, All Products Ready or Customized. Easy 30 Days Returns Policy, Contact us with in 7 days of receiving Product.